Will automation oppresses human from labour?

The danger that the modern age’s emancipation of labour will not only fail to usher in an age of freedom for all but will result, on the contrary, in forcing all mankind for the first time under the yoke of neccessity, was already clearly perceived by Marx when he insisted that the aim of a revolution could not possibly be the already-accomplished emancipation of the labouring classes, but must consist of the emancipation of man from labour.

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The modern economy was built on automation, so it’s natural to assume that the future will be defined by automation as well. It seems like every week there’s a new study or think piece about the job-destroying potential of robotics and artificial intelligence.

But our collective obsession with job-stealing robots can cause us to overestimate the impact of automation — and obscure an important point about the economy. In many service industries, human labor is a mark of luxury.

So at the same time robots destroy manufacturing jobs, the demand for labor-intensive services is soaring.

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