Why did sinkholes emerge in Pakistan?

Why did the sinkhole emerge in Pakistan? Is this because of the heavy exploitation of groundwater?

What could be the solution?

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I was about to ask a question whether this should be classified as a sinkhole or not. This is because this so-called ‘sinkhole’ is not entirely because of a natural process. It seems that it was the underground GPO Station (or the tunnel) of Orange Line Metro Train Station that collapsed.

I can’t seem to find an article that specifically mentions this. One news article I found isn’t exactly very clear about it, but suggests this to be the case.

I think you can blame the ‘sinkhole’ (or collapse) or the failure of the underground structure. One of your source’s title “Those responsible for Lahore sinkhole will be punished” also seems to suggest that it has only man-made causes, and not natural.

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