Which are the interesting stories and realities about mobile phones?

My question is based on your opinion about today’s mobile phones. We all are indirectly covered by mobile phone and we don’t know that when this small device is become the part of our life.

Which are the interesting stories and realities about mobile phones?

so what are some interesting facts about mobile phones?

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These are some of the most interesting facts about the device that resides in your pocket all the time.

Have you ever used Nokia 1100? Be proud, it was the bestselling electrical gadget in history with more than 250 million pieces sold.

This is that beast!!

The first ever mobile phone went on sale in US in 1983 with a price tag of $4000 each.
The piece of metal that you use all the day has 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles. You should wash your phone someday with sanitizer maybe.xD.
Insomnia, confusion and headaches are caused due to mobile phone radiation. Experts have identified ringxiety, nomophobia, telephonophobia and frigensophobia as conditions that can effect people. Now you know that your most beloved partner was the root cause of all your problems.*love hurts*. Lol.
In Britain more than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped down in the toilet every year.
More than 90% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach all the time.
More than 4 billion people have a mobile phone but only 3.5 billion of them use a toothbrush.
What is your monthly phone bill? 142,000 pound is the highest ever mobile phone bill.
iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the costliest phone in the world, which costs $15 million. It will take nine weeks to build, made of 135 gram solid gold of 24 carat and the chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds.
Your mobile phone has more computing power than the computers used on Apollo 11 mission

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91% પુખ્ત લોકો તેમના સ્માર્ટફોન્સને હાથની પહોંચમાં રાખે છે.

પૃથ્વી પર 6.8 અબજ લોકો છે. તેમાંના 5.1 બિલિયન લોકો સેલફોન ધરાવે છે, પરંતુ ફક્ત 4.2 અબજ લોકો ટૂથબ્રશ ધરાવે છે.

મોબાઇલ અનુરૂપતા, જાગરૂકતા અને ખરીદી હેતુ જેવા મુખ્ય મેટ્રિક્સ માટે મોબાઇલ ઑનલાઇન જાહેરાતો કરતા 4-5 ગણું વધુ સારું કરે છે.

મોબાઇલ માર્કેટર દ્વારા ફેબ્રુઆરી 2013 ની એક અહેવાલ પ્રમાણે, 42.3% ગ્રાહકો સંપૂર્ણ ટેક્સ્ટ માર્કેટિંગ સોદા વિરુદ્ધ બાર કોડ સ્કેન અથવા પુશ મેસેજ કૂપન્સ પસંદ કરે છે.

30 મિલિયન ગ્રાહકો તેમના મોબાઇલ ફોન દ્વારા ટેલિવિઝન જુએ છે.

એમેઝોન પર ગો મોબાઇલની સમીક્ષા કરનારા 93% લોકોએ તેને 5 સ્ટારની સમીક્ષા આપી.

અમેરિકાના વિકાસ કરતાં આઇફોનની વૃદ્ધિ 10 ગણા ઝડપી હતી.  

કેટલાક દેશોમાં, ત્યાં લોકો કરતાં વધુ મોબાઇલ સબ્સ્ક્રિપ્શન્સ છે. (આ કેવી રીતે હોઈ શકે? કારણ કે કેટલાક લોકો એક કરતા વધુ મોબાઇલ ફોન ધરાવતા હોય છે.)
ટીવી કરતાં વધુ મોબાઇલ ફોન્સ છે.

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Purchase of a mobile handset normally includes the handset along with complementary accessories such as a charger, headphones, USB cable, etc. Mobile phone packaging consists of the complete cluster of different packaging materials such as boxes, trays, pouches, die cut inserts, protective packaging inserts, etc. Rigid boxes or folding cartons are used for containing mobile handset and complementary accessories. Flexible pouches are primary form of packaging for components within the rigid box.

The global mobile phone packaging market is characterized by packaging companies innovating in terms of design and printing capabilities in order to cater to intensely competitive cell phones market. Cell phone manufacturers are also realizing the significance of packaging as part of their branding and marketing strategies.

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