How to check if a wifi network is safe to connect?

Also, what can an adversary do if he hacks the router I connect to?

For example, can he obtain my browsing history? Can he obtain my login credentials if I login to Gmail? Can he see the emails I sent using the network? Can he install malware into my mobile? Can he disable the encryption somehow? Can he create some backdoor on my laptop/mobile and access it remotely?

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Case 1: You are connecting to open WiFi like somewhat you get in airports/public locations: There is no guarantee for any security on this case and that’s why most of the people not recommending to use Open WiFi network. Please refer:

Case 2: Trusted network/SSID with authentication and WPA2: Much better security in terms of secured and authenticated wifi network with WPA2. How to ensure you are connected to WPA2 enabled WiFi network with a pre-shared key:

Check your connected WiFi/Wireless network properties to ensure you are connected to WPA2 enabled network.

Scholar Answered on July 20, 2018.
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