Has an airplane ever been launched from a submarine?

Airplanes are routinely launched from ocean going vessels, namely carriers.

Missiles are routinely launched from submarines.

Has an airplane ever been launched from a submarine?


Scholar Asked on July 14, 2018 in EDUCATION.
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Also consider the Japanese I-400 class submarine, that carried three Aichi M6A Serian bombers. Probably the most advanced aircraft carrying submarines ever built.

They entered service too late to have any meaningful impact, but the engineering that went into them was amazing for its time. Just designing a submarine that could carry a watertight aircraft hangar without the topside weight capsizing the submarine was no simple feat. They built preheaters for the aircraft engines into the submarine, so the submarine didn’t have to linger on the surface while the aircraft warmed their engines.

There was a plan to attack the Panama Canal locks with torpedos launched from the Serian aircraft, but it was never carried out.

Scholar Answered on July 20, 2018.
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