Controlling WiFi switches from physical switch

I’m looking to install smart switches for my lighting. Since I have LED lights and 2-wire circuits to the switches (no neutral), I’m looking at wifi controlled remote relays – which I can find no problem.

However, all these switches seem to integrate with smartphone apps – not with something I can fix to the wall in each room. Is there a good reason that I can’t find a physical switch that can be hooked into some sort of smart control system? Obviously if there exists something, I can route it via IFTTT to close the loop (and remember that I need some legacy lighting just in case the network goes down)

The closest I’ve found so far is a 433 MHz stick-on wall mount switch, and a 433MHz/WiFi relay – but I’m intrigued about why there is no existing product to meet this application.

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If you want to go the DIY route then using sonoff relays with the MQTT firmware update then it would be pretty easy to make a esp8266 based wall switch that published on/off messages to control the relay directly or via something like Node-RED or OpenHab.

If you want an off the shelf product then most of the vendors for lighting normally skip the relay approach and go for direct control of the bulbs. Both Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri have wall mountable controllers to put next to the existing switch that can control on/off, brightness and colour/colour temperature

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