A tool for stealthy recording screen videos

I am looking for a tool to capture user’s screen in form of videos (not screenshots), but I don’t want the user to find it out that I’m recording the screen. Something like BB FlashBack, but not displaying the program’s icon in tray. I want to install it on Windows Server 2016. I prefer freemiums or something allowing for purchasing an academic license (I want the software for an academic project), but if the price is reasonable, I guess I can manage that. The two features I’m looking for are: Being able to be passed on to the background. I don’t want it to appear even in tray since that would cause problems in my research settings. I need it to record videos. I’m not looking for capturing screenshots.

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Get OBS and hide the tray icon by

a) Windows way as mentioned in comments or b) Hiding trough OBS settings.

OBS is compatible with lots of things, so I heavily recommend it, tough I can’t test if it works with Windows Server 2016.

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