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  • oman scholar Plutarch made the earliest written reference to this problem, but it’s clear from his treatise “On Whether the Hen or the Egg Came First” that he wasn’t the first to ask it. In his circle, it wasn’t just about poultry. The seemingly endless cycle of chickens and eggs, to them, suggested that the world had always been exactly the same as it was, with no discrete beginning or ending. But if they’d understood that species of animals change over time, they might not have been so worried about it.

    Because we know that the world hasn’t always been the way it is today, that evolution is real, and that there was a time before both chickens and eggs, we know that there really is an answer to the question. This argument is over easy: It’s the egg.
    Eggs have been around since fish evolved, long before birds in general and chickens specifically. Eventually, a bird that was very much like a chicken laid an egg, and a chicken hatched out of it. There might be some quibbling over exactly where in the evolutionary line is the division between “chicken” and “not-chicken,” but no matter how you slice it, the egg was there ahead of time.

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  • If you want to go the DIY route then using sonoff relays with the MQTT firmware update then it would be pretty easy to make a esp8266 based wall switch that published on/off messages to control the relay directly or via something like Node-RED or OpenHab.

    If you want an off the shelf product then most of the vendors for lighting normally skip the relay approach and go for direct control of the bulbs. Both Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri have wall mountable controllers to put next to the existing switch that can control on/off, brightness and colour/colour temperature

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  • Here is how to try and fix the problem:

        Open your Device Manager: your Bluetooth device should logically show with a yellow exclamation mark indicating a missing driver.

        Well, this is not exactly a step. It’s only to check if your device is actually detected… :p

        Since the driver isn’t available (yet) from Windows Update, go to Levovo’s drivers download section and find your laptop.

        If there’s an available Windows 10 driver, download and install it.

        If not, then search for a Windows 8.1 driver (that should exist).

        Once downloaded, right click on the setup program and select “Properties”. In the “Compatibility” tab, check the “run this program in compatibility mode for” box, then select “Windows 8” in the drop down menu below. Click “OK” then run the program.

        Windows 10 and 8.1 drivers architectures are very close, if not completely identical most of the time. It should work OK.

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  • In order to design a friction clutch the following points must be kept in mind:
    > The material for the contact surfaces must be carefully selected.
    > For high speed devices to minimize the inertia load of the clutch, low weight moving parts must be selected.
    > The contact of the friction surfaces must be maintained at all the times without the application of any external forces.
    > Provisions for the facilitation of repairs must be there.
    > In order to increase safety the projecting parts of a clutch must be covered.
    > A provision to take up the wearing of the contact surfaces must be present.
    > Heat dissipaters to take away the heat from the point of contacting surfaces must be there.

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    • Magnetic attraction occurs between charges which are moving in same direction.
    • Magnetic repulsion occurs between charges which are moving in opposite directions.


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  • thermal diffusivity

    can be defined as a material-specific property for characterizing an unsteady heat conduction.mathematically,it is thermal conductivity divided by volumetric heat capacity; with the S.I unit of m^2/s

    Thermal diffusivity signifies the rate of heat transfer into the solid. If it is higher then less time is required for the heat to penetrate into the solid.its significance is also seen for fire protection.

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  • Hi Ishi …

    Google Tricks

    It doesn’t matter how much student know about the Internet and computers, but still every now and then we come across tech tricks that we never knew! The world of technology is full of tech hacks that make us say wow awesome! In today’s article on TechWelkin, we will introduce you to some really cool Internet tricks and computer secretes that will not only be amusing but also be very useful.

     Download Movie @ one click

    This is really a very clever Internet trick that all movie lovers should know. If you want to download a movies and don’t want to go through tedious routes of movie hosting websites,Google can serve you with direct links. Just take right click on these links and select Save as to download the song file.

    Type following code in to google

    intitle:index.of?mp4Click here

    Use Google As Timer

    It is a cool trick that allows you to use Google as a countdown clock or an alarm clock.

    To use this Google Timer, type either of the following in Google search:

         Click here

    Use Google Mozilla / Chrome as a Notepad

    We all need to take quick notes and notepad applications come really handy for this. Most of the time browser remains open on our computer screen, wouldn’t it be great if we could use one of tabs as a notepad? Well it is possible and it’s pretty easy. Open browser and type the following code in address bar, hit enter and you will be able to type in Mozilla / Chrome.

    Type following code in place of URL

    data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

    Use Google as a Calculator

    scholarship & education

    Calculator - Click here

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  • Is it to possible to transfer the Indian education system in our mother tongue ( Hindi )

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