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  • Ceramics are generally made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into desired forms.  Once the ceramic has been shaped, it is fired in a high temperature oven known as a kiln.  Often, ceramics are covered in decorative, waterproof, paint-like substances known as glazes

    RE: How is ceramic defined?

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  • The simplest circuit I can think of is a resistor. Using Ohm’s Law, we know that the voltage V and current I are related to the resistance R

    of the resistor by:


    or, rearranging:


    Looking at that second equation, what happens if we double the voltage, but the resistance remains the same? The current must double, too, of course.

    Now let’s look at what happens to the power. The power in this circuit is given by:


    Looking at this equation, we can see that if the voltage and the current both double, the power in the circuit quadruples.


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  • Ferrite is a ceramic-like material with magnetic properties, which is used in many types of electronic devices. Ferrite is used in:

    • Permanent magnets
    • Ferrite cores for transformers and toroidal inductors
    • Computer memory elements
    • Solid-state devices

    Ferrites are composed of iron oxide and one or more other metals in chemical combination, and their properties include:

    • Hard
    • Brittle
    • Iron-containing
    • Polycrystalline
    • Generally gray or black

    Ferrite is also known as ferrate.

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  • Cables that are too long would result in signal loss. This means that data transmission and reception would be affected, because the signal degrades over length.

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  • Packet Internet Groper communication, ping-and-us-to-use using verificar and check-out for a reddish or not distribute to a direction error. The utility ping is used comunamente to verify errores of red.

    RE: What is Ping?

    The imagen es an ejemplo that sucede cuando envied a ping. The usuario primero comenzaría usando com comando ping para hacker ping per dirección IP A continuation, the request to follow a trip of the concentrator of red and the enrutador, at the same time as the employment, a computer of office with the direction IP. Una vez that is recited with the exito, the computer answers the ping with a respuesta pong. The time between the transmissions is calculated according to the number of participants for a high speaking time.

    In the previous ejemplo, accedemos to the line of contact of Windows to usar the comando ping. Luego hacemos ping a “” and get cuem cuatro respuestas del servidor. In the previous game, cada respuesta has tamaño del paquete (bytes), the time that tomó and the TTL.

    If you do not want your message sent to an error or if you are in error, the calculator does not indicate a solicitation error on your part or no error can be made.

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  • In most cases, two DNS servers, one primary and one secondary, are automatically configured on your router and / or computer when they connect to your ISP through DHCP. You can configure two DNS servers in case one of them fails, after which the device will resort to the use of the secondary server.

    While many DNS servers are operated by ISP and are intended to be used only by their clients, several public access servers are also available. See our list of public and free DNS Servers for an updated list and How can I change the DNS servers? if you need help to make the change

    Some DNS servers can provide faster access times than others, but they depend only on the time it takes your device to reach the DNS server. If your ISP’s DNS servers are closer than Google’s, for example, you may find that addresses are resolved more quickly using the default servers of your ISP than with a third-party server.

    RE: What is DNS?

    If you have network problems where it seems that no website will load, there may be a problem with the DNS server. If the DNS server can not find the correct IP address that is associated with the hostname it enters, the website will not load. Again, this is because computers communicate through IP addresses and not host names: the computer does not know what it is trying to reach unless it can use an IP address.

    The DNS server configuration “closest” to the device are those that apply to it. For example, although your ISP might use a set of DNS servers that apply to all routers connected to it, your router might use a different set that would apply DNS server configuration to all devices connected to the router. However, a computer connected to the router can use its own DNS server configuration to override those established by both the router and the ISP; The same can be said about tablets, telephones, etc.

    We explained earlier how malicious programs can take control of your DNS server configuration and override them with servers that redirect requests from your website to another location. While this is definitely something that scammers can do, it is also a feature found in some DNS services like OpenDNS, but it is used in a good way.

    For example, OpenDNS can redirect adult websites, betting websites, social networking websites and more to a “Blocked” page, but you have full control over redirects.

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    • Minimum 75% attendance is must to fill GTU Examination form and to appear in End Semester or External Examination.
    • 10% of total absentia of students due to illness may be considered by Institute. (Circular No: GTU/Circular/M.L./2011/2763 Date: 02-04-2011) Example:
    • If you are absent for 20 days due to illness then present of only 2 days will be considered.
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  • 7 tips to Pass GTU exams easily

    1.  Understand the Blueprint of the paper
    2.  Good diagrams
    3.  Good writing
    4.  Always refer last year’s question paper Question Paper
    5.  Learn English
    6.  Don’t always mug up chapters and lessons
    7.  Pay special attention to Credit subjects
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