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  • You can set custom notification for an app, if it provides such facility,

    WhatsApp was not providing such facility, but after WhatsApp v2.12.194.

    Current Stable version of WhatsApp is :
    for Windows Phone : 2.16.14
    for android : 2.16.16
    for iOS : 2.16.1
    for symbian : 2.16.9
    for Nokia S40 devices: 2.16.4
    for BlackBerry: 2.16.4

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  • The modern economy was built on automation, so it’s natural to assume that the future will be defined by automation as well. It seems like every week there’s a new study or think piece about the job-destroying potential of robotics and artificial intelligence.

    But our collective obsession with job-stealing robots can cause us to overestimate the impact of automation — and obscure an important point about the economy. In many service industries, human labor is a mark of luxury.

    So at the same time robots destroy manufacturing jobs, the demand for labor-intensive services is soaring.

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