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  • Astavakra is one of the greatest sages earth has produced so far on this planet. He has created huge spiritual movement during his era.

    Astavakra meaning is asta means eight and vakra means bent (deform) from original conceived shape meaning  eight different deformity in the body.  His father (who was also noble sage and thinker) taught him the lessons and he learnt and achieved mastery over various dimensions of self in his mother’s womb even before he born. He was a normal child in his mother’s womb but one day while teaching, his father taught some thing wrong and he has shown his disagreement from inside (His mother’s womb). According to his father this was not right and in turn, lost the temper and cursed him to be born with eight type of deformities. He born with deformity – feet, hands, knees, chest and neck were bent .

    One of  His student (shishya) was, greatly enlightened, Janak (Father of Sita).

    His true lesson is:

    One’s progress within, oneself has nothing to do with what one do on the outside, most important is, what a person is doing within him or herself. What one is doing with the outside world is just social; one conduct oneself as it is suitable for the situation in which one exist. It has social relevance but no existential or spiritual relevance. How you are within yourself is all that matters

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    Electron gets energy from surrounding situation. Generally, It could be either in the form of light (Heat – photonic energy) or electric field energy energy. There are some special cases where it gets energy through mechanical stress (Pressure, force,  direct strike or hit).

    Loosing of energy occurs when, there is an imbalance of energy between energy it holds and energy required to be in the orbit where it reached.  Say, an electron moves from one orbit to other due to whatsoever reason, in a new orbit reside energy and energy electron holding, it loses energy to attain a stable state in the orbit

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  • Any thing (object or parameter) which has no effect (or some time negligible effect) of its presence on other object or parameter, in a sense one feel absence of other, is an actual infinity.


    1. A well known phenomena: positive charge has an attractive force on negative charge ( or repulsive force on positive charge). If you fix one and start making slowly other away from one, the force starts getting reduced. At certain distance, there is no force experienced of one, by the other. This distance (and more than this distance) can be considered infinite distance in this case.
    2. One can eat multiple banana but there is a limit beyond which it is not possible to eat. Those number (in this case) can be considered as infinite
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  • There are Two paths.

    1. After 12th one can opt for Preliminary CA and then CA. (Earlier it was on Intermediate level)
    2. After graduation, One can enter directly to CA course without Preliminary CA
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    It is highly negotiative term. There cannot be common answer for the question. As ‘JALEBI’ is very sweet, that does not mean, everybody likes. Like wise, one need to self introspect and find out their own capabilities, interest and should decide. Most important is not what is best, but where you can do best. One who can achieve the peak of own performance in the field, is the best field for him/her. As a matter of fact, no field is best or worst.  All have its own importance at their own place.

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  • Positive thinking and positive approach, clarity in fundamentals with self confidence gets you through 

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  • As I understood, Diesel as a fuel need high compression ratio and hence it creates heavy vibration while burning. One need a machine which has heavy self weight to dampen the vibration and remain steady or balanced in its position. Small vehicle or light weight vehicle (Two wheeler) it is not feasible or advisable. (It may be noted that heavy weight two wheeler like bullet, enfield, you may find diesel engine due to its high self weight)

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  • In addition to above answer, You will be spoiling switch life by switching ON/OFF often. Switch life is always in terms of number of time operated. Refrigerator has its own thermostat control and is enough. Use of energy efficient one is recommended over and abobe avoiding opening/closing often

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    1. Use LED bulbs/illuminates.
    2. Regularly carry out maintenance of machines including greasing wherever applicable
    3.  Use energy efficient equipment. Care is to be taken at the time of purchase/selection of equipment for the efficiency
    4. Avoid heating situation (To be created efficient cooling situation) 
    5. Avoid unnecessary running of electrical machines
    6. Increase use of various renewable energy sources.
    7. Avoid leakages (Heat, electricity, water etc)
    8. While initial planning of buildings, ensure natural cooling and avoid unnecessary heating
    9. Improve linelosses
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  • You may introduce 1 milli Ohm (required length of wire) say “Rs” between voltage source and load. Across Rs, voltage drop will be one milli volt per one ampere current. The Rs is a sensing device and voltage drop across Rs is sensing voltage (Vs). At the rated current, voltage is to be noted and that is a reference voltage (Vr). The current increases above Rated current, Vs will be higher than Vr.  Vs to be compared continuously with Known Reference voltage in comparator and error voltage is generated. This error voltage can be used to control voltage source.

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